About Elle

While some artists work in only one medium, others revel in traversing boundaries. Elle is an example of the latter. She began her career as a photographer, quickly becoming known for high concept, special effects images, produced long before the advent of Photoshop. Her surreal, photo-illustrations have garnered acclaim world-wide and graced the covers of numerous publications such as OMNI, TIME, U.S. News and World Report, Psychology Today and others. Her clients include American Airlines, Neiman Marcus, Northern Telecom and American Express.

Progressing to computers has not only enabled Elle to build ever more fantastic images it has also propelled her into other areas of design. Like her photographs, the logos she creates distill the essence of an idea into a quickly understood icon. She has been a pioneer in digital printing on silk and other materials. Her creation of kaleidoscopic patterns from photos led her to explore fractal mathematics. She uses algorithms to create exquisite patterns that illustrate the structure underlying every aspect of the material world.

Digital reproduction of images on new substrates rekindled her interest in creating photo-sculptures. She builds pieces where the image explodes into 3-dimensions instead of trapping a 2-dimensional image under glass and a frame. These pieces explore the creation of “real” objects instead of creating “images” of objects. Her most recent constructions are unique jewel pieces, wearable sculptures, some of which are arrayed in shadow box assemblages that use all of her artistic methods.

Sculpture or Image, Elle translates Ideas into Artifacts